Show RCA 2013

I pedaled furiously to get down to the last day of the Show RCA 2013. This year’s show at the Royal College of Art presents the work of over 500 students graduating in art and design: everything from animation and architecture through design products and textiles to vehicle design with many interdisciplinary collaborations on show.  I went to see what young, fun, creative minds are making.


There were pragmatic attempts to answer the question of how we can do things better.  Humi is an energy and space saving alternative to a tumble-dryer from Chris Pinches.  It emits no additional moisture into the air, unlike conventional dryers which emit 2 litres of water per load into the home increasing growth of the mould spores and dust mites that can aggravate allergies.  Another space-saving product for the urban home, Marc Miralda Besa’s drying basket is a washing basket that converts into a drying rack.  David Steiner’s humorous domesticated manufacturing of objects made from and with materials in his own home won the Conran Award.

Several of the exhibits tackle the shift from resource-intensive materials to new circular, closed-loop systems, with Innovative materials such as luffa and crushed glass.  Glass Lab collects and crushes glass from small local businesses that is mixed with vegetable-based bio-resin and cast into products from tiles to bollards, for “local waste, local collection and local process for local use”.  Re-using and recycling plastics, polymers and textiles is the medium Julie Behseta uses for her exploration of ‘Emotionally Durable Design’.  The resulting tiles and bowls are a subtle mix of colour and translucency with the textile fragments providing real depth.  Beautiful!

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