A West Country willow washing basket

Willow basket

After the latest plastic washing basket buckled and broke under the strain of our family’s washing load, the search for a sturdier, and more sustainable replacement began.

Willow is a fast-growing, renewable crop and the willow beds or ‘withies’ are homes for many species of bird, wildlife and wildflowers.  Willow is part of the social and environmental heritage of Somerset where willow has been cultivated for centuries, and the Somerset Levels are one of the most important wetland habitats in the UK.

Baskets are hand woven using traditional craftsmenship, with no nails, glues or dyes to produce baskets, furniture, garden items and high quality artists’ charcoal.

We ordered a traditional wet washing basket from English Willow Baskets who have been producing willow in Somerset since 1819.

Perhaps the new Royal baby will be sleeping in a bespoke West Country willow crib!

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