Sofa saving


A mid 20th century sofa bed caught my eye in a retro furniture shop in east London a few weeks ago, but it had a fairly hefty price tag.  The sofa was made by Greaves and Thomas of Bond Street and I soon found another on eBay that needed some T.L.C. with teak oil and reupholstery.  The only decision now is which fabric?

Earlier this year, I went to the Wool House exhibition, organised by the Campaign for Wool,which was full of inspiration and explanation of the benefits and uses of wool.  So why wool?

  • Wool is warm and cosy, helping to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, and save money.  That same cosiness also provides sound absorption so helping to reduce noise transfer between rooms.
  • Wool is durable, and bounces back under heavy footfall when used as a carpet, retains its colour and form in upholstery and provides continued support in a mattress.
  • Wool is clean and help the indoor environment breathe.  It is hypoallergenic, captures dust, contaminants and moisture, so reducing the level of humidity.
  • Wool is naturally fire retardant, and so does not need additional treatment of fire retardancy that some upholstery fabrics do.   It has low flame spread and will not drip, melt or release noxious fumes.
  • Wool is also low maintenance, as the fibre’s structure repels spills and soiling.

It is also a beautiful natural fibre available in every texture, pattern and hue, with lots of it produced here in the UK.  So on my shortlist are some 100% wool fabrics from Linwood, Bute Fabrics and Kirkby Design…..


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