Colourful kitchen cloths


Kitchen cloths are rarely something that prompts positive comment, so I was delighted to find Jangneus.  Their range of dishcloths and tea towels really do combine function and form as they are available in a range of fresh Swedish designs .  The highly absorbent dish cloths are made from natural materials (cellulose and cotton), so are 100% biodegradable.  They can be freshened up with a wash at 60c, and when they are worn out they can be thrown in the composting bin.  The equally colourful tea towels, made from a mix of linen and cotton, are also washable at 40c.

The designs may be Scandinavian, but the dishcloths and tea towels are all made in England, and printed at a family-run printers in the Cotswolds.  They are available in monochrome or a range of colours from zesty lime to riotous red.

The dish cloths retail at £2.95, the tea towels are £12 each or you can buy a bundle.  There is even a subscription package!

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