More woollen blankets woven in Wales

mtchair mtcushion

Prompted by a comment on an earlier post, I thought I would share a couple of shots of some woollen products from Melin Tregwynt, a third-generation family mill business in West Wales.  Melin Tregwynt is reviving and reinterpreting authentic Welsh tradition with modern and innovative design.  The double-cloth structure produces practical and hard-wearing bedcovers, as well as the bold reversible patterns that work so well with contemporary interiors.  The product range has been expanded to include accessories and upholstery products.  The blankets retail from around £140, and cushions from around £40, including the pad.  A wide range of colours is available, from these muted neutral tones, to ember, a mix of hot pinks, browns and oranges.  You can purchase directly from Melin Tregwynt by phone or email, or from stockists including John Lewis. 

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