Sleep tight

The seasonal shifts of an Indian summer can cause the thermometer to yoyo and make it tricky to be just warm or cool enough in bed, so I find myself cherishing our wool duvet.  I have long been persuaded of the benefits of wool clothing, and a couple of years ago bought a wool duvet.

In summer, the wool’s capacity to breathe keeps us cool, and in winter, wool’s excellent insulation keeps us warm.  It also keeps you dry, perhaps more than all natural fibres, as wool can absorb water quickly, up to around a third of its weight, and release it back into the environment slowly (polyester and nylon only absorb 1% of their weight in water).  This helps to control humidity,  which makes the environment less hospitable to dust mites, a boon for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Wool will even moderate each person’s micro-climate under the same duvet!  And the wool doesn’t all get clogged down one end, as some other duvets do.  What is more, wool is natural, flame retardant and sustainable as Shaun the Sheep gets a shear at least once a year!

When I bought my wool duvet, I could not find a British product, but at the Little Creatures Festival at London Zoo last weekend, I met Jen from The Wool Room who were supporting the Shaun the Sheep Pom Pom Parade, along with the Campaign for Wool, to make pom pom sheep out of wool and to set a new world record.  The Wool Room produce a range of bedding from British wool as well as a range of blankets and nursery items like baby sheepskins.  Prices for a duvet start from £90.

And if you fancy making a friend join Shaun’s flock at home you can download the official PomPom making kit from the Wool Room website.


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