Sofa saved!


After much anticipation, the sofa for my office has returned, and is looking very smart in its new livery of 100% wool Caledonia Peppermint from Kirkby Design.  The upholsterers, Escott’s, a family-owned business and member of the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers, provided a very efficient, competitive and personal service.   The sofa is just the colour we want, and I saved myself a third of the price of an identical sofa I saw in a mid-century shop!  I think it will be a popular addition, my daughters climbed straight on to the sofa for a story, so time to find a suitable throw to spare the fabric from sticky fingers, and I think they would like a cushion or two too!

To find an upholsterer in your area you can search the directory of members on the Association’s website or call them directly on 01494 452965.

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