Reveal-ed cork iPhone case

Izu-Printed-Cork-iPhone-5-Case-228x228After my previous phone failed, I was bemused to find that 5 years old is vintage in Apple speak (technology years seem to be like dog years), and it was time for a new iPhone.  This was not without some angst my part, as I recently learned that only 15 of the 40 chemical elements in a smartphone are recoverable through the current best recycling process!  I needed to find a cover to protect my iPhone5s investment from everyday bumps and knocks.

In the market for phone covers it is hard to get away from plastic.  The leather covers are too bulky,  the fabric ones too flimsy, so Goldilocks’ choice was a cork cover from Reveal.  The backing of the case is  100% natural, sustainable and renewable  cork that is decorated with a Japanese wood block print.  I confess that I was surprised that the whole case was not cork.  The rubber casing around the edges is a non-toxic material plastic (ABS), but cases that are made entirely from wood are not stable and changes in humidity or temperature can cause the wood to break.  Reveal are working with a R&D material expert to replicate the performance of the ABS using a polymer blend of natural ingredients and hope to launch a product early next year, so what this space!

As well as cork, Reveal make products from bamboo, linen, jute, recycled zips and recycled fabrics, using post-consumer plastic bottles to make recycled microsuede for a range of vegan handbags.  Oh, and for every product sold, Reveal plant a tree via their partnership with American Forests.  A breath of fresh air in more than one sense.

Photo credit: Reveal

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