Halloween’s Golden Fever


A little note on pumpkins from the experts at Kew Gardens, ‘Golden Fever’ variety makes an excellent lantern.  And a reminder to hang on to the seeds when you carve the pumpkin.  Roast the seeds with a sprinkle of sugar for a tasty treat for the trick-or-treaters.  Trick or treating is apparently a tradition that originated in Europe in the Middle Ages when people sang songs and begged for a ‘soul cake’.  Each cake represented a soul being freed from purgatory.  By extrapolation, does that mean that heaven is a chocolate bar of your choice?

If you need some pumpkin carving tips, Tony Finch, master vegetable grower, is showing off his traditional pumpkin carving skills at Kew Gardens all week.   There are also Halloween-themed activities taking place at National Trust properties around the country this week, from make your own bat kite or owl mask, to spooky woodland trails or ghastly, ghostly stories.  For information on these and other family-focused events taking place over half-term near you check out the Events page on the National Trust website.

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