Fireworks and Shake the Dust discount this Saturday



By happy coincidence the 5pm fireworks for the Lord Mayor’s Show will add to the celebratory mood at Shake the Dust’s pop-up shop on Gabriel’s Wharf (a prime spot for viewing the fireworks) this Saturday.  It will be a happy first birthday for Shake the Dust customers with 10% off all day and the promise of a glass of bubbles and other treats.  You might remember we enthused about Shake the Dust’s colourful vases (pictured), bowls and baskets woven by ethical producers in developing countries.  The products are the result of collaborations between British designers and traditions of grass plaiting and weaving.  The Fluro vases pictured (from £70) combine waste sweet wrappers with native lutindzi grass and sisal fibres.  What better way to brighten up someone’s home this Christmas.  Other wares include place mats, baskets, bowls, blankets and other accessories.

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