Crazy capes



My daughter and I were caught in a deluge this morning. Thankfully we were outside a cycle shop where we picked up a rain cape or poncho made from bioplastic by Equilicua.  The raincoat is made from potato starch, so it is a 100% compostable and biodegradable garment.  It is light enough (80g) and small enough (carry pouch is 17x22cm) to be carried in a satchel, handbag or boot of the car in case of unexpected showers.  The capes have wrist straps, adjustable straps around the hood and waist and are available in three sizes, S, M, L.

The cape’s function is to be disposable, not durable, but with a fruitful reincarnation.  A tiny bag of seeds nestles in the cape’s breast pocket to be planted with the cape after a year or so of use.  The cape comes in three patterns or flavours – potato, tomato, or garden pea.  They are available directly from Equilicua and some cycle shops.

In truth, it is hard to cut a dash in waterproof clothing, but this is a fun, functional and eye-catching in a positive sense.  And capes and ponchos are on-trend this season, so I am told.


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