Super sugru and so simple to use


Please bear with me as I get a bit evangelical about the amazing properties of sugru, the super stocking filler, and its infinite applications, limited only by our imagination.

So what is it? It looks and feels like play dough, but sticks to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and some kinds of plastic.  Mould it, and leave it over night at room temperature and it turns into flexible silicon rubber that is electrically insulated, waterproof, heat proof to 180 celsius and cold proof to -50 celsius.  For an introductory peak at the possibilities watch this video from sugru.

You can could customise your favourite tools to make those everyday jobs more comfortable and colourful.

sug2Our first experiments with sugru were understated and economic.  We moulded a new handle to a favourite pan lid and repaired a fraying charging cable.  The simple brilliance of sugru is how easy it becomes for us to fix everyday objects and extend their life, or make things work for us that little bit better.  How novel to not be one size fits all, but one sugru almost fixes all.  Not make do, but make me a better one!

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