Carefully Curated shares my efforts to source joyful things for everyday living.  I want to celebrate products with honest form and function we can enjoy for many years.  Products with good provenance from designers and makers, whether small or large scale, who have made things thoughtfully.  Over time, I have returned full-circle to my interest in economics, nature and well-being.

Carefully because I care about where things come from, how they were made and by whom. Our home or workspace is a powerful reflection of who we are and the values we live with. Our decisions on their contents affect our lives and those of others. Sometimes the wisdom of previous generations to make do and mend, or waste not, and want not, leads us to appreciate what we already have.  Sometimes new materials, new manufacturing processes and new technologies create innovative, engaging and better alternatives.

Curated because our home, and our life, is a collection of things or experiences we each choose.  Every decision we make reflects who we are, and is also a message back to producers and suppliers about the things we value.   Surrounding ourselves with cherished things is vital to our sense of time and place.  
Hannah Gilbert

Credits & Links

If you find something here that you would like to use on your blog I would be flattered, but please credit Carefully Curated and link to http://www.carefullycurated.co.uk.  I always try to find and credit the original source of each image used.  If you notice any that have been incorrectly labelled please contact me and I will correct it straight away. 


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