Ikea Hackers



Welcome to an Ikea revival.  We took two Skoghall Ikea bedside tables or storage boxes, connected them together with a couple of 4x4x4cm struts, drilled down a plywood lid, and voila!  A new workbench, come desk, come toy or craft tidy for the kids.  We left it unpainted so years of crayon and paint abuse could be allowed to create a little personal character.

If you too have or find some unloved Ikea that could do with a bit of recycling va-va-voom, then have a look at IkeaHackers. The site is a mine of modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products, and an ode to human ingenuity.  Our amateur DIY moment pales in comparison to the multitude of the clever and creative hacks out there.