Winners of the SustainRCA Awards announced

mauricio_affonso_1 Quicksand

Last night at the Royal College of Art, the winners of the SustainRCA Awards were announced.

Winner of the moving mind category – Minho Kwon for the The Neo Tower of Babel

Winner Solutions for Society category – Shruti Grover for Gu Bank an offgrid sanitation and incentivisation solution for male migrants in India’s growing urban slum settlements.  80% of Indian cities do not possess even a partial sewage network, and 60% of the population practice open defecation, thats 662 million people

Winner of Inspired Products category – Chris Natt for Blastproof, a collection of simple tools for manual clearance of land mines.

Winner of Visionary Processes category – Mauricio Alfonso for Luffa Lab, another beautiful and sustainable material from the sea.  Products included an acoustic tile.


The indigo colour is obtained by reusing wastewater from the denim-dyeing industry.  The highly absorbent fibres of the luffa can be used to soak up these harmful dyes that would otherwise be discharged.  Definitely form and function, lets hope these tiles are soon available for home or office interiors.

The event was buzzing, literally as we were fuelled by delicious eats from ento, canapés made from edible insects, even my vegetarian companion declared them delicious.  Why insects?  They are more space and energy efficient than traditional livestock, high in protein and nutrients like omega-3 while low in fat and cholesterol.  Yum!